Who We Are

IMEG is a USA-based multi-national company with additional offices in the UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. We are a company on a mission to provide innovative solutions to technological challenges faced by globally expanding organizations all over the world. Our solutions are simple, smarter and impactful; our goal is to revolutionize how businesses function and how we live our day-to-day lives in this era of information and technology.


What We Offer

Cloud Computing

IMEG’s cloud allows you to create a scalable, flexible and interconnected environment, all with analytics to manage and manipulate your existing business intelligence to your gain.

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Internet Of Things

We offer end-to-end Internet of Things solutions; our technology will allow you to gather Big Data, optimize key processes and improve them to maximize efficiency.

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IMEG is on the frontline of defending against cyber-attacks every day. Our experts’ knowledge of the threat-landscape provides insight that enables us to build the best technologies in the industry.

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Enterprise Mobile Management

We create solutions that allow organizations to enable employees to use mobile devices and applications securely without any threat to the organizations’ data or functionalities.

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SEO Services

Our search engine optimization is designed to increase visibility within the algorithmic (“natural”, “organic”, or “free”) search results to deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

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Network Solutions

The networking solutions that IMEG provides allow you to safely transfer your data through smooth and efficient channels across multiple platforms. We create and manage network infrastructure, architecture and offer reliable end-point solutions.

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UI/UX Design

IMEG’s UI and UX services are the solution if you want to build a product with a team that establishes integrity. We provide clear design processes, meet deadlines and deliver on-spot results as per your demands.

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Management Consulting

IMEG helps transform the world's most important businesses into vigorous, agile organizations that anticipate the unpredictable, adapt rapidly to disruption and out-compete their opposition.

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Cloud Integration & Migration

Design, develop and deliver cloud solutions and devices that drive your organization forward. We at IMEG work with you on IT strategies, implementation and support.

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Web Development

We at IMEG propel businesses forward with Enterprise Mobile and Web Development. Combined with Digital Marketing, expert design to better user experience and Business Intelligence solutions, our services are the boost your company needs.

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Robust Network Security & Data Protection

IMEG’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions are a critical part of maintaining business continuity and data security. Robust security solutions include persistent threat monitoring, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements, and managing data recovery services.

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AR & VR Augmentation

IMEG provides end-to-end services for virtual/augmented/mixed reality experiences that resonate with end users.

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Retail & Ecommerce

IMEG will soon be disrupting the retail market with our marketplace solution for Asia – The GrandB. We will be launching soon in Pakistan to prove our capabilities.

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Industrial Automation

Our dedicated solutions provide the right custom controls for your company. We understand unique challenges and provide independent, unbiased advisement and best-in-class technology solutions to meet all your industrial automation needs.

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At IMEG, we brand, design and advertise for you using well-embedded digital and conventional marketing techniques.

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Mobility & IoT

IMEG’s Mobile team provides state-of-the-art MDM solutions. We do full lifecycle management of mobile devices and IoT endpoints.

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Geographic Information System

IMEG helps you visualize, analyze, question, interpret and understand spatial data to reveal patterns, trends and relationships on geographic landscapes to help your businesses grow.

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Information Technology (IT)

We help develop data backup and disaster recovery plans; create email hosting/storage/spam-filtering solutions; asses HIPAA risk; and implement compliance plans, remote monitoring and management.

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All Case Studies

Infar-si USA

At Infarsi, they consult and implement platforms, applications and digital products that can turn their customers ideas into reality. It doesn’t really matter whether it is an entrepreneur with a promising startup or a large business, their team of specialists will be glad to provide creative and professional expertise that supports digital transformation projects, platform building, and other similar activities.


Indus Construction USA

Indus construction provides specialized, precise and skilled construction services for the heavy civil construction industry in the state of Texas. The company later branched out to Louisiana and also East Africa. In addition, Indus construction offers services such as planning, project management, material supply and construction.


Expanse USA

The Expanse platform now has a two-year history of consistent growth and stability. Starting out small, but with big ideas, the team is growing and other projects are now coming on board to help make the dream a reality—limited only by the imagination and talent of all the diverse people around the world involved in the journey.
Each new community member and partner brings new ideas and visions for the future. Expanse Tech plans to be one of the top block-chain projects in the world.


Alfa Solutions

Alfa Solutions has been a reliable IT partner for many companies for more than 25 years. The company’s future-oriented vision and long-term thinking makes Alfa a solid companion for your IT infrastructure, data protection, technical support or cloud solutions.


Technity Hub (RIS)

RIS Mission is to set the high standards of management and quality in business process outsourcing industry. RIS ambition is to make a prudent commitments with our investors to fulll their interest and hope for a continuing future. Our aim to make a platform for qualied management nationwide to make procient and ingenious team for long-term achievements in information technology and business process outsourcing.

Ernst & Young

Air Trax Archery Equipment Pakistan

Airtrax is an e-commerce company based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It deals in archery equipment and delivers it all over Pakistan. “Buy the finest archery equipment in Pakistan. Airtrax's originals and exact-working replicas of famous brands; Airtrax has it all.”

Jaguar Land Rover

Blak Star Energy Solutions

Blak Star Energy Solutions is the manufacturer and supplier of power backup systems like Pure sine wave U.P.S, solar systems and generators for cooperate and residential level.


Reckoning IT Solutions

Reckoning fulfills organizational needs for Human Resource Outsourcing, Customer Service, Finance and Accounts by providing optimal solutions through software and consulting packages. Today, Reckoning Solutions caters to the requirements of IT organizations in multiple cities in Maharashtra across a variety of employee categories, right from top level executives to blue collared workers. A rich experience of 15+ years of Reckoning’s promoters and founder members in the BPO industry gives the company the necessary expertise and helps it define the best practices according to global standards.

Jaguar Land Rover

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