Services AR and VR Augmentation

IMEG provides end-to-end services for virtual/augmented/mixed reality experiences that resonate with users. This service can be used in several organizations and brings efficiency to a lot of organizational functions.

IMEG’s AR/VR Services

There are three types of services that come under this category. Explained individually, these are:

Augmented Reality

The ability to augment computerized graphics into the real world is a facility that aids a lot of different industries. Education, retail, entertainment, manufacturing and publishing sectors alike can use IMEG’s Augmented Reality services to the fullest.

Virtual Reality

The difference between AR and VR is that in VR, the virtual world is separate from the real world; the user, with the help of specialized hardware, is able to immerse into a virtual world through a screen or through lens. This facility is helpful particularly in virtual training, education, entertainment among other sectors.

Mixed Reality

This is a service that takes advantage of both AR and VR functionalities simultaneously. Your organization, with the help of IMEG, will be able to offer a lot more to your employees and management. For example, your employees will be able to immerse in a virtual world for an organization-targeted and specialized experience; management personnel would be able to use AR for efficient handling of resources and staff.

Why Choose IMEG

IMEG offers you the best-in-class, realistic and superior image quality combined with smooth processing and performance. Our AR and VR services are specific and tailored to match the needs of your organization. These services are also built by highly trained experts that build it to be mirroring the physical world. Our services, as a summary, offer:

  • High functionality

  • Innovative solutions

  • Flexibility

  • Realistic image quality

  • Optimized performance

  • Organization-targeted services

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