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IMEG is on the frontline of defending against cyber-attacks every day. Our experts’ knowledge of the threat-landscape provides insight that enables us to build the best technologies in the industry.

Why Cybersecurity is Essential

Cybersecurity is necessary for several reasons. A walkthrough of all the specifications cybersecurity provides will give you a good idea:

Email Security

There are several cyber-attacks that are sourced through emails. IMEG’s near-real time protection detects and prevents any risks that may be caused through email attachments or website links. This will block malicious attachments, impersonation attacks and even phishing sites.

Network Security

IMEG’s solution provides network checkups and protection against even the world’s most intricate and dangerous cyber-attacks. The software also provides near real time protection against potential threats and investigates the attacks intelligently.

Device Security

Protection for individual devices is also necessary; IMEG provides a very expert endpoint defense, detecting and acting upon any common threats instantly.

Advantages of Cybersecurity

With the facilities of cybersecurity come the advantages that it provides. IMEG’s expert solution allows your company to avail the following advantages:

Intelligent Analytics

Device Inventory

Expanded yet Unified Security

Security Solutions for All

IMEG’s cybersecurity uses intelligent statistical analysis of threats and learns on its own to reduce the amount of human effort needed to scan and eliminate threats. IMEG will do it all for you. Advanced weakness analysis also comes as an important function; the software constantly checks for weaknesses in your defenses and updates them for better protection.

Information about the devices connected to the network is fundamental for security. IMEG’s software observes and displays critical information about the network devices, all the while tracking those online and allows your management to allocate these devices rules and rights.

Through developing custom detection models, you can expand your network security and implement different measures for different users. The security network still stays unified; all your security tools are connected and all flow of data is constantly checked upon.

IMEG’s cybersecurity is effective for the following and more:

  • Cloud: your cloud remains under check
  • Financial services
  • Government sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Higher education sector
  • Industrial control systems
  • Retail sector

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