INDUSTRIES Geographic Information Systems

IMEG helps you visualize, analyze, question, interpret and understand spatial data to reveal patterns, trends and relationships on geographic landscapes to help your businesses grow. Our GIS solution is innovative and gives you substantial engagement and insight, helping you gain full awareness for your business.

What IMEG’s GIS Focuses on

For expert analysis and information generation, there needs to be a set of procedures and principles that an organization must follow for GIS services. IMEG guarantees you quality information and this is what we provide:

(A)Strategic Analysis

  • 1.Major Trends

    Major Trends:

    First and foremost, IMEG focuses on the trends that stand out – the trends that act as the ground-work of our analysis.

  • 2.Regional Trends

    Regional Trends:

    Our experts then examine different regions, finding valuable trends and information from the regions that is relevant to what your company needs.

  • 3.Industry Trends

    Industry Trends:

    Adding to regional trends, the impact of industries within the relevant regions and even from outside their domain is examined by IMEG. This helps our experts gather focused information regarding all aspects of what is beneficial, risky or detrimental for your company.

  • 4.Strategies for Success

    Strategies for Success:

    After examining, manipulating and analyzing data generated through IMEG’s GIS, our experts will draw plans and strategies that ensure success.

(B)Competitive Analysis

Adding to the strategies directly beneficial to your company, IMEG also performs analysis of what would help your business compete in the current market. This form of analysis comprises of:

  • 1.Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers

    Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers:

    IMEG studies the shares of successful organizations relevant to your organization’s field of interest.

  • 2.Market Shares by Region

    Market Shares by Region:

    A detailed examination of particularly the market shares within regions of interest brings forth valuable information that can be manipulated for competitive benefit.

  • 3.Market Forecasts and Histories

    Market Forecasts and Histories:

    Including current market trends, analysis of the histories and deductions of the future of the market also serve beneficial. IMEG’s intelligent GIS will provide you with:
      Forecasts regarding the global market
     Forecasts relevant to a specific country
      Forecasts relevant to a specific industry

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