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IMEG helps you visualize, analyze, question, interpret and understand spatial data to reveal patterns, trends and relationships on geographic landscapes to help your businesses grow.


The working of a Geographical Spatial Mapping system is intricate. IMEG provides you with the best hardware and software possible, best-tailored for your company’s needs:

  • Create Data

    IMEG’s specialized computer, with the help of expert geographic mapping technology, will record and store geographic data accurately, precisely and efficiently.

  • Manage Data

    Once the data is stored, it can be synchronized with other tests and/or more data to be managed and a combination of all data can be made.

  • Analyze Data

    The final data is then analyzed by the processing system.

  • Map out Information

    The data, after being stored, managed and processed can then be displayed as an output. From this point forth, it is up to experts to understand this data, manipulate and use it to their will.

Our Geo spatial Services

IMEG provides dedicated solutions in GIS and resource mapping facilities that include:

  • Logical support and consultancy
  • Resource Management and Mapping
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Integration/ETL
  • Image Processing
  • Photogrammetry
  • LIDAR Data Processing
  • Field Survey
  • Mobile Mapping
  • 3D City
  • Digital Cartography
  • Enterprise GIS

IMEG’s Previous Projects
IMEG has carried out several projects related to this technology. Some of them include:

Development of enterprise GIS (OGC compliant solutions) on regional scale (countrywide)

Development of enterprise GIS for utility network management and integration/data management

Municipal GIS Solutions including e-governance solutions for several municipalities

Development of 3D cities projects including 3D web GIS application development

Digital cartography projects

Image processing projects for municipalities

Large-scale land base development projects

GPS solutions to various industries

Data collection project (point of interests, navigations, household survey, property survey)

Video mapping projects

Development of web based vehicle-tracking solution

Database modeling project

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