INDUSTRIES Information Technology (IT)

IMEG develops data backup and disaster recovery plans; creates email hosting/storage/spam-filtering solutions; assesses HIPAA risk; and implements compliance plans, remote monitoring and management for your company.
Our IT service works as a medium of e-governance, assuring easy accessibility to, the security of and the storage of information.

What IMEG Provides

There is a wide variety of services that come under the domain of our IT service. A few of these are as mentioned below:

1) Systems architecture

Our experts design and implement a system architecture best suited for your company.

2) Database design and development

Including the architecture, IMEG designs and develops your databases for easy and efficient storage.

3) Networking

We help keep your organization interconnected. Look into our Internet of Things Solution for further details.

4) Application development

IMEG helps with the development of software that is best suited for your company.

5) Testing

Our responsibility extends to testing and maintenance of hardware, software and databases

6) Documentation

We document all your data in case it is required in the future.

7) Maintenance and hosting

IMEG also offers maintenance of your operations in real time.

8) Operational support

We provide strategies and changes that will aid your organization’s operations.

9) Security services

Look into our Cybersecurity Solutions for further details.

Benefits of IT

There are several solutions that IMEG offers to your IT sector. Some of these benefits include:

Agile Product Development

IMEG provides you with coaching to achieve agility in development. This will help keep your process flexible and allow rapid development.

Business Strategies

A study of business strategies that will benefit your company by helping add to your IT sector’s functionality is also part of our responsibilities.

Leadership Development

Our experts, while coaching your employees, also focus on building leaders that can drive change within your organization; new ideas are the fundamental foundation for success.

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