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IMEG helps transform the world's most important businesses into vigorous, agile organizations that anticipate the unpredictable, adapt rapidly to disruption and out-compete their opposition.
We aim to advise on strategy and organizational matters to ensure an improvement in your company’s performance. With IMEG’s help, your organization is guaranteed effective strategies, innovative solutions, and overall growth.

What IMEG Offers

Our priority is to maximize your company’s Return on Investments (ROI) using in-depth and expert strategies that work in ever-changing marketplaces. The steps that IMEG takes to ensure this are:

  • Process Assessment

    Process Assessment:

    This step involves interviewing the key process participants and discussing the process with them. Our experts then identify issues and factors within the organization that can be amended. Your process metrics are also compared with the standard industry and competitor benchmarks.

  • Problem Analysis

    Problem Analysis:

    Through a thorough study of the process and its comparison with your competitors, IMEG will be able to identify the problem. Further study involves analysis of the problem, including quantifying costs and assessing the time and resources available for a resolution.

  • Solution Options

    Solution Options:

    Our experts are now able to lay out solutions that will be best suited for your company. This step involves further research into the technology and applications being utilized for the business process. With this, solution options can be framed.

  • Solution Analysis

    Solution Analysis:

    With further research, the optimal solution is chosen from all the solution options. The chosen solution is then analyzed by:
    1. Estimating the price of the solution;
    2. Performing the ROI analysis of it to check its viability and chances of success;
    3. Identifying potential risks.

  • Solution Proposal

    Solution Proposal:

    Once a solution is chosen, a solution proposal is drafted by IMEG’s experts and presented to the project sponsor/stakeholders. After some feedback from your company and incorporating final changes, the proposal is finalized.

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