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The networking solutions that IMEG provides allow you to safely transfer your data through smooth and efficient channels across multiple platforms. We create and manage network infrastructure, architecture and offer reliable end-point solutions.

What IMEG offers

IMEG strives to create quality solutions that are important to our customers. Let us add substantially to your organization's value through the following network solutions:

Wide Area Network Ethernet Services

Add scalability to your business and grow it out to however far you want. IMEG's WAN allocates plug-and-play connections all across the world, offering borderless growth.

Content Delivery Network

We offer you seamless connectivity all around the globe, including quality live streaming, video on demand, augmented user experiences and many more. This will help boost the very essence of your company online.

Visual Private Network

IMEG's VPN allows you to optimize your connectivity throughout the globe. This maximizes growth potential and boosts customer experience.

Private Line

Providing security to your network is one of IMEG’s priorities. Private line solutions manage risks and increase efficiency, allowing you to securely transport data all across the globe.

MDDOS Service

Get the fastest connectivity along with scalability by our cloud-enabled MMDOS service. This increases the efficiency of all your operations as well as minimizes business risks.

Additional Services
Among the major network solutions above, our other services also include:


Hardware installation and support,

On-Site and remote IT Support,

Virus and spyware security solutions

Remote meeting rooms,

Remote access,

Server installations and upgrades,

Spam filtering and e-mail solutions,

Web content filtering,

Backup and disaster recovery,


Office 365,

Complete network management and on-demand services.

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