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IMEG’s business strategies can aid your company to increase in efficiency, productivity and value by the use of technological resources. Our retail and e-commerce prioritizes customer satisfaction above anything else, which in turn helps your company excel.

What IMEG’s Retail and E-Commerce Offers

With the intelligent combinations of online and classic retail options, there are a lot of effective routes your company can take. The benefits of the strategy IMEG chooses for you are as follows:

  • Online Sales

    With sales support and digital marketing strategies backed with a powerful technological backend, your company is effective in obtaining targeted traffic that will maximize your revenues. Intelligent sales strategies further help this cause.

  • Building Loyalty

    Carefully tailored plans help improve your brand experience and help your company gain loyalty from its customers. Lifecycle coupons, loyalty card programs, multi-channel engagement, statement and invoice messaging, personalized offer communications etc. are some of the strategies that, if implemented correctly, will facilitate your company into gaining an upper hand.

  • Marketing and Merchandise

    IMEG designs data-driven campaigns starting from the initialization to execution and sales generation to loyalty marketing. These solutions also include surveys, invoice/statement messaging, incentive programs and many more.

  • Seller Support

    Your company’s network is supported through IMEG’s strategic support. This includes efficient shipping queries, technical assistance, claims management, invoicing, etc.

  • Omni-Channel Services

    A well-constructed architecture for omni-channel technology provided by IMEG would enable all teams to network seamlessly across all branches, centers, websites and social media platforms.

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