SERVICES Robust Network Security and Data Protection

IMEG’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions are a critical part of maintaining business continuity and data security. Robust security solutions include persistent threat monitoring, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements, and managing data recovery services.

What IMEG Offers

Network security is essential in the success of any firm; it is important that data remain protected for it to retain its integrity. If your data, whether offline or online, is not secure, there is a high chance for it to be stolen and misused. IMEG offers a dedicated service to make sure that your data is not misused:

  • Network Security

    IMEG’s solution provides real-time network security by conducting checkups and protecting against even the world’s most intricate and dangerous cyber-attacks. The software also provides near real time protection against potential threats and investigates the attacks intelligently.

  • Device Security

    IMEG provides end-point security; each individual device is registered and checked constantly. This ensures the device’s safety and makes sure that the device is not under risk. Our intelligent detection systems would also catch any foreign/malicious device that is trying to connect to your network.

  • Data Security

    All data is encrypted and secured through IMEG’s robust network security. This includes offline data as well as cookies, emails, etc.

  • Quick-Acting Damage Control

    After any breach, a team of professionals at IMEG would be available to minimize the damage caused. These experts are mobilized quickly and are trained to ensure vigorous damage control.

  • Unified Security

    IMEG lets you develop custom detection models and expand your network security. That said, all the security tools remain connected in the expanded network and data remains constantly under check.

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