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Broaden your horizons by dwelling into a world of augmented reality; IMEG provides end-to-end services for virtual/augmented/mixed reality experiences that resonate with end users.

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Education, retail, entertainment, manufacturing and publishing sectors alike can use IMEG’s Augmented Reality solutions to the fullest. These five sectors have shown a major increase in the usage of AR in recent years.

Room for Innovation

AR is a technology that is rapidly growing. It offers versatile options in all of the sectors mentioned above; there are several ways your company can use AR to your benefit.

On-Ground Activation

The reason that Augmented Reality gained so much popularity so fast is because it needs minimal effort to set up at different locations; once the software and hardware is configured, AR can be activated instantly at any location that the user desires.

Constantly Improving

As do all technologies improve, AR is also growing and improving – something previously mentioned in this article. That said, AR is growing at a rapid rate, with new improvements in graphics and innovations in features being introduced constantly. This is a technology that your company would not regret investing in; IMEG constantly improves its AR solutions to be better-tailored for your use.

Sectors that AR Benefits


Keep an inventory of your products and manage your database using AR. IMEG offers AR solutions that aid your company’s management, employees and customers alike; management can keep a database of products and intricate information to have it displayed and manipulated in the palm of your hands; employees can manage their complex projects and observe delicate details regarding the product visually; customers can test out products without actually touching them using holograms projected by AR.


There are several uses of AR in education, the most primary use being Augmented-Reality-powered classrooms; students can learn using holograms presented in front of them and interact directly with formula derivations, theories, historical battles/locations and complex ideas using AR.


Along with the design of your product, AR solutions also aid your company in designing and even in the maintenance of manufacturing plants. Any room for improvement, prevention or repair is shown in the intelligent AR management system.


There are AR technologies that project images of veins to help doctors and nurses discern what vein they should use for an injection. Video projections of surgeries could be used as guides by AR as well.


AR technology is already being used vastly for entertainment. Several addictive augmented reality games have been introduced to the world and have given individuals all around the globe a taste of augmented reality. Adding AR tech to your entertainment organization would create an interactive environment for your audience and increase the number of options that ideas can be implemented.

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