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IMEG’s cloud is expertly woven to be adaptable to your company’s size and functionalities, while also giving you the choice to scale the cloud’s size if needed. With IMEG’s interconnected cloud environment facilities you can analyze, manage and manipulate your existing business intelligence to your gain.

The Reign of the Cloud

Why your company is in need of IMEG’s cloud solutions:


The cloud grows with your company; you can choose to increase or decrease the cloud storage allocation according to your business’ best interests.


Interconnected adaptability allows the entire network being run by the cloud to stay updated with any minor to major changes in software/data in real-time. This interconnectivity helped by another solution IMEG provides, the Internet of Things.

Advantages of the Cloud

There are several reasons as to why the number of companies shifting towards cloud computing has increased several-fold over the years. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

  • Minimize Launch Time

    Cloud applications can easily be installed and updated throughout the cloud within seconds or minutes.

  • Connected Workforce

    All employees can access and manipulate information from anyplace in the world, at any time and from any device using the cloud and an internet connection.

  • Automation

    Tools and applications manage themselves intelligently and do not need manual human intervention to run. This also reduces or even eliminates maintenance costs.

  • Security

    The biggest risk of Cloud Computing is security; with IMEG’s technology, your information will remain secure and all working on the cloud will remain reliable. Such is IMEG’s promise.

  • Greater Scalability

    As mentioned before, the cloud adapts to your storage needs, and can easily be increased or reduced according to your company’s needs.

  • Big Data

    Cloud services give you the ability to analyze and manipulate large amounts of random, unstructured data to find business intelligence meaningful to your company.

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