Services Cloud Integration and Migration

Design, develop and deliver cloud solutions and devices that drive your organization forward. We at IMEG work with you on IT strategies, implementation and support. Our priority is also preserving the integrity of your data through our process.

What IMEG Offers

Experienced software professionals within IMEG assist your company with a range of services and features that are related to data migration. Some of these features include:

An Intelligent Migration Process

End-to-End Consulting

Cloud Migration Security

Automated Data Transfer

Our experts will study your workloads and design a well-suited could infrastructure that would seamlessly migrate your applications. IMEG will also perform testing, verification and consulting through every step.

  • Our process includes the following steps:
  • 1) Planning
  • 2) Identifying key migration components
  • 3) Building a migration roadmap and creating an appropriate timeline
  • 4) Analysis of resources, tools and company processes
  • 5) Analysis of solutions and choosing the most efficient and cost effective option
  • 6) Designing
  • 7) Laying out the conceptual architecture diagrams that are application-specific
  • 8) Adding on-premise, hybrid and cloud components
  • 9) Adding storage and backup components
  • 10) Building a Base Cloud Infrastructure
  • 11) Validating the BCI

All throughout these steps and even further into the working of your cloud and migration process, IMEG’s experts will be available for feedback and technical and strategic consulting.

The safety of your company and the handling of secure data within your company is – as mentioned before – one of our top priorities. IMEG provides intelligent encryption technology, all the while mapping the mission-critical applications expertly and maintaining security policies at all times. For more details about the data protection solutions we offer, look into our Cybersecurity Solutions section.

IMEG’s innovative technology and services allow your data to be transferred in minimal time. This also includes substantial cost reduction in coding changes and a smooth data flow with no disruption or interruption in performance.

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