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IMEG creates solutions that allow your organization to enable employees to use mobile devices and applications securely without any threat to the organizations’ data or functionalities.

Our goal is to provide intelligent and intuitive strategies for the integration of mobile technologies in a business setting and/or the combination of technologies with conventional workflow.

The Benefits of EMM

Enterprise mobility management, simply put, are the people, processes and technologies focuses on managing mobile and all mobile related services such as mobile computing, wireless networks etc. in a business setting. Its features are:

Productivity Solutions

Security Management

Device Management

Identity Management

Mobile Transactions Management

IMEG offers applications that increase the productivity for users that are connected to your company’s network – no matter what device they’re using.

The associated security risk of outside devices is apparent. IMEG offers streamlined security solutions for these mobility devices allowing you to work and use your personal devices comfortably knowing that your intellectual property is safe. Along with this, EMM makes sure that data remains encrypted.

IMEG offers automated alerts, remote data wiping features as well as location sharing ease for all the devices connected to your company’s network. This is aided also through IMEG’s IoT solutions.

Along with device management, IMEG’s EMM solution also identifies and keeps a log of the users connected to your organization’s network; it also keeps track of the identities of the devices those connected to the network are using.

IMEG’s solutions allow you, with the help of logs, to keep track of transactions that are carried out using mobile devices.

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