IMEG’s dedicated solutions provide the right custom controls for your company. We understand unique challenges and provide independent, unbiased advisement and best-in-class technology solutions to meet all your industrial automation needs.

Benefits of Automation

Producing quality goods with a requirement of little to no manual effort is an incredibly beneficial practice. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Need for Manual Maintenance Reduced

    The need for periodic manual checkups is reduced substantially by IMEG’s automation solutions. The automatic working conditions add to the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

  • Increased Productivity and Quality

    Automating the manufacturing process increases the production rate significantly, which means that greater output is generated through any given labor input. The product quality is also reliable and uniform through IMEG’s automation.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Many manufacturing processes can be automated in numerous environments without compromising on the efficiency of the process or the quality of the product.

  • Reduce Production Cost

    Using automatic equipment for your industry reduces the amount of investment needed for manufacturing. This is because less human intervention is needed for an automatic process.

Types of Automation

IMEG’s automation solutions fall into four main categories. The solution we will provide for your company will be designed specifically to meet your manufacturing needs. The types of automation IMEG offers are:

Fixed Automation

Programmable Automation

Flexible Automation

Integrated Automation

Used for high-volume production. The operations performed will be fixed according to the mass manufacturing process.

Used for batch processes, steel rolling mills etc. where different product configurations are needed. The operations performed can be programmed according to the need.

This is an extension of programmable automation that helps in manufacturing processes with greater product design variations. Operators that input codes into the program will be able to change the operation sequences.

Used in computer integrated manufacturing systems. This is a fully automated system under computer control, starting from design to dispatching.

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