Solutions Internet of Things (IoT)

We offer end-to-end Internet of Things solutions; our technology will allow you to gather Big Data, optimize key processes and improve them to maximize efficiency.

What IoT offers

As an estimate, there will be around 15 billion networking devices around the globe by 2020; connecting these for smooth information transfer is where IoT comes in.

Cloud Integration

IMEG offers Cloud Computing solutions to our clients to aid with transferring and sharing large workloads. Integrating IoT with a cloud can allow for seamless information flow within, and even outside, the company.

Intelligent Apps

Using IMEG’s IoT solutions, all the necessary software of the company remains interconnected; the software will run on all connected devices, the only limit being a device’s ability to run the software. This means that any updates of the software are also done simultaneously for all connected devices.

Wireless Connectivity for All Devices

This is a given; with current technology, all of the devices within the network are connected wirelessly over almost limitlessly wide ranges within the world. Even the limit of the range of devices that can be connected is blurry – almost any device can be connected through IoT and would work smoothly.

Advantages of IoT

There are several advantages that come with such a versatile technology. A few of them have been listed:

  • Real-Time Changes

    With IMEG’s IoT solutions, you can easily change features of your business e.g. the pricing of products or the details of your packages. You can create a variety of plans for consumers/clients to choose from.

  • Build Loyalty

    Billing of customers, international payments and account management self-service become significantly easier and secure with the use of IMEG’s IoT. This will build trust and loyalty for your company.

  • Gather Business Intelligence

    Collect data from your subscribers and use it to gain business intelligence. With this, forming strategies to fuel the betterment of the company becomes accurate and has a better chance of success.

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